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Google AdSense Approval Tips | How To Get Approved Fast?

    Google AdSense Approval Tips | How To Get Approved Fast?

    Last Updated on: 7th January 2023, 02:43 pm

    Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows website owners to display targeted ads on their site and earn money from clicks or impressions. However, getting a website approved for AdSense can be a challenging process, as Google has strict guidelines that must be followed in order to be approved.

    3 Main Reasons Your Website is Not Approved

    Insufficient Content

    In order to be approved for AdSense, a website must have a sufficient amount of high-quality, original content. This means that the website should not be thin on content or copied from other sources.

    I have approved many sites and my suggestion is there should be 20+ articles on your site.

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    Poor Website Design

    Google also looks for websites that are well-designed and easy to navigate. If a website has a cluttered or unprofessional design, it may not be approved for AdSense.

    You must include these pages in your Menu Bar and Footer ->” About, Contact, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy “

    Violation Of AdSense Policies

    Google has a number of policies in place to protect advertisers and users. If a website violates these policies, it may not be approved for AdSense. Some common policy violations include displaying adult content or promoting illegal activities.

    • Content policies: Google has strict content policies in place to ensure that ads are
      only shown on appropriate websites. This means that websites with adult content,
      violence, or illegal activities will not be approved for AdSense.
    • Ad placement policies: AdSense requires that ads be placed in appropriate locations
      on the website and that they do not interfere with the user experience. This means
      that ads should not cover up important content or make it difficult for users to
      navigate the site.
    • Technical policies: Google has technical requirements for AdSense-approved
      websites, including requirements for ad serving and tracking. These policies ensure
      that ads are displayed correctly and that advertisers can accurately track the
      performance of their ads.
    • Prohibited content: AdSense prohibits certain types of content, including
      pornography, illegal drugs, and copyrighted material. Websites that contain this type
      of content will get Google AdSense approval.

    Here we just discussed important things, in which everyone makes mistakes. You will find more about policies on Policy Page.

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    Steps to Get Website Approved For Adsense

    1. Make sure your website has a sufficient amount of high-quality, original content.
    2. Ensure that your website is well design and easy to navigate.
    3. Review the AdSense policies and make sure that your website is in compliance.
    4. Consider using SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to improve the visibility
      and ranking of your website in search results.

    Get in touch to get approval for your website – You can also hire us for Google AdSense approval.

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