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How to Remove IP Address from Microsoft Blacklist

How to Remove IP Address from Microsoft Blacklist

    How to Remove IP Address from Microsoft Blacklist

    Last Updated on: 13th December 2023, 07:11 pm

    The process of removing an IP address from Microsoft’s blacklist is often met with a sense of uncertainty and confusion.

    When an IP address gets blacklisted, it means your emails are being considered spam and may not reach the intended recipients, severely affecting your professional or personal correspondences.

    Understanding Microsoft Blacklist

    Microsoft maintains a robust and comprehensive blacklist system to prevent spam and dangerous emails from reaching its users’ inboxes.

    If Microsoft’s systems notice suspicious behavior, such as a dramatic increase in email volume or high spam content, it blacklists the offending IP addresses.

    So, if you find yourself on the Microsoft blacklist, let’s explore how to correct the situation.

    Identify the Issue

    Before taking any action, first ascertain the root cause of your blacklisting. Excessive spam emails, high bounce rates, and too many email recipient rejections are some primary reasons that lead an IP to be blacklisted.

    Check Your Blacklist Status

    To verify if your IP is genuinely blacklisted, use tools available, such as MXToolbox or Talos IP Reputation Check.

    These tools will offer a comparative analysis across several different blacklist databases.

    Register for SNDS – Smart Network Data Services

    Microsoft provides SNDS services to understand your IP reputation and other crucial data related to mailing.

    By registering and adding your IP to SNDS, you can get updates on factors that may have led to your blacklisting and help rectify them.

    Rectify the Identified Issues

    Once you have understood the possible reasons for your IP being blacklisted, it’s time to rectify them.

    Modify your email content to be less spammy, reduce sending rates, and manage your email list more efficiently to shed the “suspicious elements” associated with your IP.

    Send Delisting Request to Microsoft

    After addressing the problems, go to Microsoft’s Delisting Page. You’ll need to fill out the form carefully, ensuring all information about your IP and the steps you’ve taken to address the issues is accurate.

    Microsoft will ask you to write a detailed explanation of how you’ve resolved the situation, before considering your request.

    Monitor Your Inbox

    After submitting the form, you’ll receive an automated email from Microsoft with a ticket number.

    You’ll want to monitor your inbox closely for updates concerning your removal request.

    Post-Removal Precautions

    A successful removal request doesn’t warrant an end to the issue. Ensure you maintain adequate vigilance and best practices to thwart future occurrences.

    This includes actively monitoring your email stats, maintaining low bounce rates, and ensuring your recipients genuinely want to receive your communication.


    Removal from the Microsoft blacklist requires thorough scrutiny of your mailing practices, rectifying the underlying issues, and actively working on maintaining a good reputation.

    It may appear a daunting task but taking the correct measures and maintaining diligent sending practices going forward can prevent mishaps. It’s important to remember

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