How To Create Amazon Account in Pakistan – Create Seller Account

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2021, 10:16 am

Note: Pakistan added to Amazon approved sellers list

Pakistan is growing towards E-Commerce and people want an Amazon Account in Pakistan. It could be very easy if Amazon comes to Pakistan but we can not create a seller account in Pakistan. So, how to create a seller account? What is the legal way to create a seller account in Pakistan?

As the above mentioned that if Amazon comes to Pakistan it will be easy to create an account. So finally efforts of many people who are working day by day and struggle to approve Pakistan for selling. They did it very well and Amazon approves Pakistan for selling.

Amazon added pakistan on approved seller list

Why Amazon?

create an Amazon account in Pakistan

Amazon is one of the best marketplaces to sell things on. Amazon is the No.1 selling Website in the World.

Steps Before Creating Amazon Account

Amazon Supported Countries

These countries are eligible in Amazon. First, see the list of the countries which are supported by Amazon.

Amazon Pakistan, Amazon supported countries

Select the Marketplace

Choose one of the Amazon supported marketplace. You have to be a bank account or residency in the countries which amazon Accepts. Get services from foreigners to create a Bank Account in the US, UK, Canada, Australia. There are many websites for services to make a Bank account Or Residency.

After choosing the marketplace by hiring someone, you are ready to create an Amazon Seller account.

Required Fields for Amazon Seller Account

Amazon Seller Account

As we all know that Amazon Approved Pakistan and there is no need Ask Friends and Family living In Foreign Country. You can use your own detail, Your all Pakistani details to create Amazon seller account.

If you want to create a seller account from the US, you have to be an ID card, Bank Account, and any Utility Bill. These are the required fields to open an account.

Be sure that the given fields are matching exactly.

You have friends, family, or relatives in the Amazon Supported marketplace then this will be a golden opportunity to create an Amazon account in other countries and get benefits from it.

Ask them to open an Amazon seller account in your required marketplace. His/Her personal information will be given to Amazon for residency verification. Amazon will verify his/her information. After verification Amazon will allow to Sell him.

Once your seller account is opened then you can add another user to manage the account. The User can be global including Pakistan.

Amazon Seller Account: Through Brand Registry In US

Brand registry is the best option for you to sell with Amazon. you have to register your Brand.

Creating a Seller Account

Here we go,

Open up Amazon Seller and click on the Sign-up

The seller central will open, You have to click at the bottom Create your Amazon account.

To create a new account It will ask for Your Name, Email, and Password.

Fill and click the next button. Confirm the OTP. Click on Create your Amazon account.

Business and Contact address

Amazon will confirm here the business location and type.

Business Location: The location of the business where your business located if you don’t have business then it be you residence location.

Business Type: Amazon will show you the list to choose Business type.

  • Publicly owned business
  • State-owned business
  • Privately-owned business
  • Charity
  • None, I am an individual

Your Name: First name | Middle Name| Last Name

Agree and Continue.

Amazon Pakistan, Amazon Account, Create amazon seller account

Now Amazon will verify You

1. Personal Information:

Your personal information will be required (You need to ask your friends and family or another branding source) Like Business Address and must be a Phone Number (US). You will get it. call or SMS for verification.

Click on Next after SMS Verification.

amazon personal information, Amazon account, Amazon Pakistan

2. Marketplace:

If you see the marketplace tab then simply choose your marketplace but it can’t be Pakistan.

3. Billing Information:

Amazon will get your Credit Card Number and Holder name. They will charge you ($#) some dollars. This process is only for verification to activate your account.

Provide the details and click on next.

4. Store Information

Amazon will ask for the store and product information.

It will ask you some questions about UPC, Brand ownership, and your trademark registered by Government.

4. Address Validation

Now you have completed all the requirements which are given above. Now Amazon will send you a postcard to confirm the address you have given. It will take 7 days to arrive for you.

5. Confirm the Code

After 7 days you will receive a postcard. In this Postcard, you will see a verification code. Enter the code in “Enter code below“.

You have registered the account Successfully.


Selling on Amazon is not easy, You have to be patient and once your Business is approved then you are ready to go with Amazon.

Keep in mind all things that have been mentioned above to create a foreign (US, UK, AUS) seller account in Pakistan.

If you meet all these requirements then you are good to start creating the seller account.

There is no Need for VPS for now to run your Amazon Account. You can easily access your account in your country.

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33 Responses

  1. Having gone through your above article, you have mentioned to have US phone number as mandatory to create seller account from staying inside Pakistan; why you need to have US phone # when you are going to open account from Pakistan??? very strange to know that……Please elaborate

    1. As I mentioned that now amazon approved in Pakistan. You can create seller account through all Pakistani credentials. You can use your Pakistani Phone number Now.

  2. 1: what are the account opening charges at amazon pakistan ?
    2: if we select ” individual” as business type then what other charges would be there, that we need to decide our product price?
    3: how would we deliver our product to the selling country warehouse?
    4: who would bear the cost of these shipments, i) shipping cost to the selling destination warehouse, ii) shipping cost to customer

    1. Thank you, Sir. This article was only for the Seller Account creation. Keep visiting us to get more about the Selling strategy and product listing etc. In the upcoming article, everything will be clear for you. We’ll be covering all these things step by step.
      Keep visiting!

      1. Sir pls help me. My account is deactivated provide bank statements but I don’t know why not open account

        1. Assalam o Alikum, Your question is, the account is deactivated and you have given bank statements.
          Please give me more details like in which market(.Co , .uk , .us ets) are you selling?
          Are you currently selling on this account or is your account not approved?
          Please go to your Amazon account info and send me Screen shot of the error then i can tell you exact solution.

          Thank You!

    2. 1). Account is free. They charge $39.99 per month once your product reach their warehouse and $0.99 per sale.
      2). Charges are mentioned above for individual.
      3). You will have to export your product to warehouse’s country. Shipping charges will be on you and it will depend on product.
      4). There are two ways FBA and FBM, FBA, amazon deliver your product directly by themselves to destination and charge you for delivery. FBM, if you are living in the same country you can deliver your product by yourself without paying amazon.

      These answers are as per my initial learning knowledge, if anyone has better info regarding these can also add in it.
      These all questions are already addressed on amazon site, please go through amazon selling university as well. I am also learning these things via amazon site. Please share any helping material with me if you find anything helpful. Thank you.

  3. Assalam o aliakim Brother!
    I live in Hong Kong so if i use my pakistani details and which post card they will send me so can i give him a hong kong residential address or also use HK phone no for getting otp.

    1. First of all, you need to make sure about the business address, the business address should be wherever your business is located.
      If you live in Hong Kong then why bother for Pakistani details? But yes if Pakistani details are permanent.

  4. Does any one tested ubl debit card and ubl statement.
    One of my friend’s account couldn’t got approved bcz he have a ubl bank account.

    1. Pakistan Post Office selected for delivery of postcard for Amazon but it needs to sign some documents for confirmation then the warehouse will be established for Amazon Pakistan (warehouses for 9 main cities).

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