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Beware of the WhatsApp Gold Scam: It Could Steal Your Mobile Data

    whatsapp gold scam

    Last Updated on: 13th November 2023, 08:05 pm

    In the vast expanse of the digital universe, the menace of scams and hidden threats continues to range.

    There’s an alarming piece of false information doing the rounds on WhatsApp, the world’s most popular instant messaging app with over 2 billion users.

    The scam, widely referred to as “WhatsApp Gold,” threatens to steal all your mobile data.

    WhatsApp Gold: An Elaborate Hoax

    The WhatsApp Gold scam is not a new-fangled modus operandi. Originating several years ago, it was perpetrated as an exclusive version of WhatsApp, claiming to offer enhanced features than the standard version; including the option to hold video chats, send a hundred pictures at once, and delete messages after they were sent.

    The scam aptly titled “WhatsApp Gold” is actually a harmful virus. Users primarily receive a message claiming that the so-called exclusive application is now available “for the public” on the invitation and would provide superior features once the link provided in the message is clicked.

    This scam becomes successful when users, lured by the promise of extra features, click on the invitation link and download the app, inadvertently installing malware.

    The Risks Associated with WhatsApp Gold

    WhatsApp Gold, or the more familiar Martinelli scam, is essentially a piece of malware. Once downloaded onto the phone, it can access personal details, correspondence histories, and even potentially your bank details – resulting in the theft of your mobile data.

    The app can also provide hackers with a gateway into your personal life, giving them access to your photos, messages, and more.

    They could use this information to commit identity theft or even fraud. Besides stealing data, such malicious apps can render your smartphone useless or turn it into a ‘zombie’ device, which could be remotely controlled to perform actions without the user’s consent.

    Stay Safe from Scams

    WhatsApp officially addressed this matter to debunk the false hype over this imaginary upscale version. The company has repeatedly stated that there is no such thing as WhatsApp Gold, and they don’t provide any alternative versions of their App.

    The best way to protect yourself is by not clicking on unverified links to download apps or updates. Always download apps from official stores like Google Play for Android and Apple App Store for iOS.

    They usually have strict guidelines that each app must follow before it is made available to the public, reducing the risk of malware-laden apps.

    Stay vigilant about message content. Beware of messages from unknown numbers and be skeptical of any message that claims to offer something extra in return for a download or a click. Educate yourself about online scams and do not share your personal information with suspicious sources.

    Always update your applications from the official app stores, as companies regularly release security patches to fix vulnerabilities. Also, considering installing a reputable anti-virus on your smartphone that can detect and block such scams.


    In the digital age, scammers continuously come up with new methods to try and trick people. However, by staying informed, alert, and cautious, you can ensure your online safety. Remember, there is no WhatsApp Gold – only a potential minefield of cybercrime ready to tap into your data and personal information.

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