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Understanding What “The Subscriber Cannot Be Reached” Means

    The Subscriber Cannot Be Reached

    Last Updated on: 3rd October 2023, 10:36 am

    “Subscriber cannot be reached” is a message commonly encountered when attempting to dial a mobile number. However, what does it mean, and what are the reasons behind it?

    Let’s delve into what this phrase signifies and explore all possible solutions to this telecommunication challenge.

    If you’ve ever tried to call someone and instead heard a recorded message stating that “the subscriber cannot be reached,” you’re not alone.

    Why do you get the message the subscriber cannot be reached

    The primary reasons behind this could be that the person you’re trying to reach has either switched off their cell phone or doesn’t have network coverage in their location.

    There’s a distinct difference between the reasons for getting various messages when making a call.

    When you encounter “the subscriber cannot be reached,” it usually implies that the individual’s phone is out of coverage or the network isn’t working.

    Perhaps the person is in a remote area or their phone is off. In such cases, it’s typically just a matter of waiting until they’re in an area with coverage or their phone is back on.

    On the other hand, if you hear messages like “the subscriber cannot be contacted” or “the phone is unattended or out of service area,” it indicates more severe issues. These messages often imply fundamental problems with the phone or network, and in these situations, the individual might be unreachable until those issues are resolved.

    Key Questions Surrounding “Subscriber Cannot be Reached”

    1. Does “Cannot be Reached” mean you’ve been blocked?
      No, not necessarily. If your call doesn’t even reach voicemail, there’s a better chance that you’ve been blocked.
    2. How can you tell if your number is blocked?
      By calling the person and watching for delivery messages (or a lack thereof). The message won’t explicitly state you’re blocked, but you can infer that from the repeated failure to reach the person.
    3. What does it mean when the number you’re trying to reach is not in service?
      This means that the number may be disconnected, disabled, or temporarily out of service.
    4. How to make your phone unreachable to a particular number?
      Google’s Android N includes a call-blocking feature that allows you to block calls from specific numbers.
    5. What happens when you call someone, and their phone is off?
      Your call will typically be directed to voicemail, indicating the phone is switched off.

    Generally, it’s essential to understand that the term “subscriber cannot be reached” doesn’t always imply something serious. It usually denotes temporary conditions like loss of network coverage or a switched-off mobile device.

    However, persistent encounters with this phrase might indicate that the person has changed their number or that there may be underlying network issues.

    So, the next time you face this issue, have patience and bear in mind these insights. This will help you better understand the situation and, perhaps most importantly, what to do next.

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