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Trending Products and Things To Sell Online Now

    trending products to sell online

    Last Updated on: 7th October 2023, 06:57 pm

    In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, finding the right products to sell can be a key determinant of success.

    As an aspiring online entrepreneur, you possess the drive and determination to succeed, but uncovering popular products that resonate with your target audience can be challenging.

    This is why we update our list of trending products every year, to provide you with insights into the hottest items that are capturing the attention of consumers.

    In this article, we present 17 trending products that could be your next successful venture in the world of online business.

    1. Lip Stain: Enhance Natural Beauty with Long-Lasting Color

    Lip stain has emerged as a beauty phenomenon in 2023, captivating makeup enthusiasts with its long-lasting color and lightweight finish.

    Unlike traditional lipsticks, lip stains offer durability without heaviness, making them an essential addition to makeup routines worldwide.

    The increasing popularity of lip stain is evident from the 60,500 monthly searches for the term “lip stain” on Google.

    To effectively market this product, consider collaborating with beauty influencers to showcase its benefits, highlight its versatility, offer a diverse shade range, share customer testimonials, and run limited-time promotions.

    2. Matcha: Harnessing the Power of a Vibrant Wellness Trend

    Matcha, a finely ground green tea powder, has surged in popularity as a wellness product. Its potential health benefits, including high antioxidant content and mental clarity enhancement, have resonated with health-conscious consumers.

    With one million monthly searches for “matcha,” this trend is strong and steady. To effectively market matcha products, emphasize their health benefits, collaborate with influencers for creative usage ideas, offer product samples to introduce consumers to the unique flavor, and educate your audience about the history and preparation of matcha.

    3. Power Tool Accessories: Navigating the Home Improvement Boom

    The home improvement sector is experiencing a surge in sales, with power tool accessories taking the spotlight. The term “power tool accessories” receives 27,100 monthly searches, indicating strong demand.

    Online sellers can capitalize on this trend by promoting power drill accessories, impact driver attachments, circular saw add-ons, and more.

    Visual platforms like Instagram and YouTube are ideal for marketing these products, partnering with influencers, and running ads targeting DIY enthusiasts.

    4. Dog Toys: Meeting the Canine Craze

    With the global pet toy market valued at $8.1 billion and showing robust growth, dog toys have become a trending product in 2023.

    These toys contribute to a dog’s well-being by alleviating boredom and providing comfort. Leveraging the 210,000 average monthly searches for “dog toys,” you can cross-sell with other pet products, start a pet care blog, sponsor pet-related events, or offer competitive guarantees.

    Utilize social media and advertising platforms to drive traffic and sales.

    5. Shot Glasses: Elevate the Party Season

    Shot glasses are making waves as a trending product, perfect for any season and especially popular during summer.

    Custom-made shot glasses, collectible versions, and party-themed options have captured consumers’ attention.

    By targeting specific niches, such as “tequila shot glasses” (4,400 monthly searches), you can tailor your marketing efforts and leverage platforms like Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and social media to showcase your unique offerings.

    6. Costume Shoes: Stepping into Themed Fashion

    Thematic costume shoes are on the rise, attracting consumers interested in cosplay or themed events. From pirate boots to superhero footwear, these products offer a range of possibilities.

    To effectively market costume shoes, target specific demographics through platforms like Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

    Partnering with influencers can help introduce your brand to new audiences and capitalize on emerging fashion trends.

    7. Slipcovers: Protecting and Revitalizing Furniture

    Slipcovers have emerged as a trending product, likely due to the rise of home improvement projects during remote work.

    These covers protect couches and loveseats from wear and spills, offering an affordable alternative to replacing furniture.

    With 27,000 monthly searches for “slipcovers,” the demand is evident. Marketing strategies include collaborations with home decor bloggers, offering educational content, and retargeting potential customers through ads.

    8. Wall Plates and Covers: Elevating Home Aesthetics

    Home decor has seen an uptick in popularity, including wall plates and covers. As people spend more time at home, they seek ways to enhance their living spaces.

    The term “wall plates” receives 27,100 monthly searches, indicating substantial demand. Online retailers can market traditional and decorative wall plates, targeting specific demographics through Google and social media ads.

    9. Baby Shirts: Dressing Up the Youngest Generation

    Baby shirts have garnered attention among new parents, with the term “baby shirts” generating 13,000 monthly searches.

    Offering a variety of designs and styles, sellers can target specific niches such as “baby t-shirts” or “funny baby shirts.”

    Promoting these products through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, and local parenting groups can drive brand visibility and sales.

    10. Curtain and Drape Rings: Elevating Home Aesthetics

    Curtain and drape rings have gained traction, likely due to the work-from-home trend, where people seek to improve their living spaces.

    With 27,000 monthly searches for “curtain rings,” there’s a substantial market for these products.

    By narrowing down the material and design options, sellers can promote their products on home organization and decor blogs, utilize retargeting ads, and collaborate with interior designers to showcase their offerings.

    11. Cabinet Knobs and Handles: Capitalizing on Home Improvement

    As the home improvement market booms, cabinet knobs and handles have emerged as a trending product.

    These essential hardware components offer ample opportunities for expansion and customization.

    The term “cabinet knobs” receives over 33,000 monthly searches, indicating strong demand.

    Online sellers can use Google and social media ads to target specific keywords and engage with home improvement enthusiasts.

    12. Watch Accessories: Timeless Accessories for Timepieces

    Watch accessories offer consistent high-profit margins and have a substantial market volume of $335 billion in 2023. With 5,400 monthly searches for “watch accessories,” this trend presents lucrative opportunities.

    Sellers can target watch owners by promoting accessories like repair kits, display cases, and travel cases.

    Collaborating with micro-celebrities and influencers, sharing user-generated content, and leveraging Facebook and Google Ads can enhance brand visibility and drive sales.

    13. Tumblers: Promoting Health and Sustainability

    The tumbler market, valued at $1.4 billion, appeals to health-conscious consumers and environmental advocates seeking reusable alternatives.

    With 5 million monthly searches for “tumblers,” this trend is significant. Effective marketing strategies include showcasing the tumblers in use, leveraging influencer collaborations, and targeting specific customer segments through Facebook and Google Ads.

    14. Model Train Sets: Nurturing Creativity and Imagination

    Model train sets remain a timeless favorite among children, encouraging imaginative play and skill development. With 40,500 monthly searches for “train sets,” these products continue to capture interest.

    Sellers can collaborate with nano-influencers, showcase user-generated content, and create engaging videos to demonstrate the product’s appeal.

    Contests and drip marketing campaigns can convert subscribers into customers over time.

    15. Signage: Guiding and Decorating Spaces

    Signage has become a trending product, serving various purposes such as information communication, decoration, and branding. With 135,000 monthly searches for “signage,” this market offers potential growth.

    Effective marketing strategies include targeting specific signage types, leveraging social media to connect with different audiences, and running Google ads for targeted keywords.

    16. Wedding Dresses: Embracing Timeless Elegance

    Wedding dresses remain a high-margin product, with a global bridal wear market projected to reach $69.9 billion by 2026. With 2.24 million monthly searches for “wedding dresses,” this trend presents lucrative opportunities.

    Sellers can target specific niches within the wedding wear market, collaborate with influencers, and utilize visual platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to showcase their designs.

    17. Table Runners: Enhancing Dining Aesthetics

    Table runners have witnessed significant growth, reflecting the global table linen market’s value of $10.6 billion. With 135,000 monthly searches for “table runners,” this trend offers ample potential.

    Sellers can position themselves as affordable alternatives to larger retailers, targeting both older and younger demographics.

    Marketing strategies include creating video content, running seasonal giveaways, and using Facebook and Google Ads to attract customers.

    In the dynamic world of e-commerce, staying ahead of trends and effectively marketing trending products is crucial for success.

    As you embark on your online business journey, consider these 17 trending products as potential avenues to explore.

    Remember, combining innovative marketing strategies with high-demand products is the key to thriving in the competitive e-commerce landscape. Start selling products online today and turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

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