Start selling on Etsy Pakistan – Create Etsy Seller Account in Pakistan

Create Etsy Seller Account in Pakistan - Start selling on Etsy Pakistan

Last Updated on: 20th November 2021, 05:23 pm

Creating an Etsy account in Pakistan is not as easy as creating an Amazon account. Pakistan added to the Etsy Seller list but unfortunately, they have removed it after a short time! Although we can start selling on Etsy Pakistan and some tips are below to understand.

Etsy is the growing e-commerce marketplace and you want to start a business with Etsy then this article will benefit you to start selling on Etsy.

The countries accepted by Etsy are the US, UK, Australia, Italy, Turkey, and more.

Now you need to make sure what you want to sell on Etsy (e.g Bags, Shirts, Arts, Dresses, Jewelleries, etc.)

Keep in mind before you start creating an account that if you access the account through your Pakistani IP address, Your Etsy account will be Suspended.

Requirements to Create Etsy Account Pakistan

Physical Address

If you have someone’s friends and family living in these countries which Etsy approves for selling then it will be easier for you to get an Etsy account.

You can also buy an address from someone but be aware form the fake address generator. You can register company address from and These are the UK-based addresses.

If you generate a fake address then someday they will detect you and suspend your running account without any warning.

Phone Number

You can buy a virtual phone number or if you have relatives then get the number from them.

Bank Account

You can use the Payoneer account for payments using the Global payment receiving details. This will send the payments to your Payoneer account.

Utility Bill

The utility bill should be the same as the address.

ID verification

Provide a photo of your passport or ID (front and back photo).

VPS ( Virtual Private Server)

It is very necessary to use VPS if you are accessing the Etsy account from Pakistan, otherwise, they will detect you and suspend your account.

Note: All the documents should be related to each other, which means the same address, name, and other details.


There is no investment if you manage to start dropshipping. The only investment is the listing fees. Other than the minimum investment starts from 1000$.

Start selling on Etsy from Pakistan

let’s create an Etsy account And verify it.

Go to and scroll down to the bottom.

Click on sell on Etsy.

Scroll down and click on Open your Etsy shop.

Enter your Email address –> Continue.

Enter your name and Password –> Register.

After clicking on the register the Etsy will send you a confirmation email. Confirm it from your email and step forward to other options.

Setup Shop Details.

  1. Shop Preferences 2. Name your shop 3. Stock your shop 4. How will you get paid 5. Set up Billing.

Shop Preferences

At Shop preference you have to set up your Etsy Shop Language, Country, Currency, and Which of these best describes you?
Then continue and save.

Name Your Shop

Choose a memorable name that reflects your style.
Here you need to choose a good name for your selling Shop and hit save and continue.

Shop name- Sell in pakistan- Etsy Pakistan account creating

Stock your shop

Add as many listings as you can. Ten or more would be a great start. More listings mean more chances to be discovered!

Click on add listing and begin Creating your listing!

Stock your shop - Create etsy listing

How Will you get Paid

Enter your address details and payment information. After that save and continue.

Payment method on etsy

Setup Billing for Etsy

You will be charged for the listings that you have created. You will be charged 20 cents for one listing. If you have more listings then multiply with that number.

Verify Your Etsy Account

Go to Shop Manager > Dashboard > Shop Advisor > Verify Account.
Click on verify account to get verified on Etsy.
You done.

See Updates to get New Information about Etsy Selling.

Thank You!

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