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12 Free LinkedIn Chrome Extensions for Lead Generation

    Free LinkedIn Chrome Extensions

    Last Updated on: 25th October 2023, 07:15 pm

    LinkedIn has become an instrumental platform for lead generation. However, navigating through countless profiles, making connections, and organizing potential leads can become quite cumbersome.

    There are several free Chrome extensions that make the whole LinkedIn lead generation process easier. In this article, we will explore 11 free LinkedIn Chrome extensions for efficient lead generation.


    Dux-Soup makes it simpler to find, attract, and engage with your prospects on LinkedIn. It enables you to automatically view profiles, endorse skills, send personalized messages and allows you to take notes directly on profiles.

    Leonard for LinkedIn

    Leonard’s advanced analytics and CRM make it an excellent tool for lead generation, LinkedIn automation, and social selling.

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator

    LinkedIn’s own Chrome extension helps you target the right buyers, understand key insights, and engage with personalized outreach.

    Linked Helper

    This automation tool helps you connect directly with your target audience, making your LinkedIn outreach campaigns more productive.


    ProspectIn offers scenario features that allow you to create personalized sequences with actions on LinkedIn (connection requests, messages). It positions itself as a safe alternative to other riskier tools in terms of LinkedIn’s daily usage rules.

    Profile Views by LinkedIn

    An official LinkedIn extension, it allows you to see who’s viewing your profile giving you a new avenue to interact and engage with interested parties.


    Skrapp helps you to find B2B email addresses of LinkedIn profiles, making it easy to compile a lead list.

    Email Extractor

    This Chrome extension extracts emails directly from the LinkedIn pages you visit, saving you time and effort.


    If you already use Zoho as your CRM, then LinkMatch is perfect for you. It eliminates the need to switch between LinkedIn and your CRM, saving time and making the data entry process seamless.


    The Zopto LinkedIn automation tool helps users automate LinkedIn connection requests, follow-ups and manage marketing and sales campaigns.


    Previously known as Leonard, MeetAlfred is an automated LinkedIn assistant that helps you automate connection requests, messages, and endorsements.


    This Chrome extension revolutionizes your relationship marketing strategy on LinkedIn. It offers automated lead generation, and end-to-end sales acceleration, and ensures a high response rate for your connection messages. It also follows LinkedIn’s guidelines, ensuring safe and efficient use. It Generates auto comments by analyzing the post and writing an accurate answer to that post on LinkedIn.

    Using these tools efficiently and responsibly can redefine your reach on LinkedIn, taking lead generation efforts to the next level.

    It is important to appropriately use these tools while adhering to LinkedIn’s User Agreement to avoid any possible restrictions on your account. Happy Networking!

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