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PTA Tax on iPhones in Pakistan: Apple iPhone All Models PTA Tax Calculator

    iphone pta tax pakistan

    Last Updated on: 9th September 2023, 11:07 am

    Apple’s iPhone lineup, including models from 11 to the latest 15, has become a beloved companion for many in Pakistan. Understanding and navigating the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) tax system can be a challenging endeavor for iPhone users.

    We aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the PTA tax on iPhones in Pakistan, covering essential aspects such as calculation methods, impacts, criticisms, payment procedures, and future implications.

    iPhone All Models PTA Tax Calculation

    To comprehend the PTA tax on iPhones effectively, let’s take a look at the tax amounts for various models:

    Sr.NoApple Device ModelTax on Passport (PKR)Tax on CNIC (PKR)
    1iPhone 1194,280116,358
    2iPhone 11 Pro120,680145,398
    3iPhone 11 Pro Max124,360149,446
    4iPhone 12113,665137,682
    5iPhone 12 mini101,525124,328
    6iPhone 12 Pro129,823155,455
    7iPhone 12 Pro Max134,825160,958
    8iPhone 13118,380142,868
    9iPhone 13 mini113,665137,682
    10iPhone 13 Pro133,158159,124
    11iPhone 13 Pro Max137,873132,527
    12iPhone 14125,751131,126
    13iPhone 14 Plus125,751131,126
    14iPhone 14 Pro127,000145,801
    15iPhone 14 Pro Max127,068152,242
    16iPhone 15107,325130,708
    17iPhone 15 Plus113,075137,033
    18iPhone 15 Pro122,275147,153
    19iPhone 15 Pro Max131,130156,893

    Overview of PTA Tax on iPhones in Pakistan:

    The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) serves as the governing body responsible for the imposition and collection of taxes on all imported mobile devices, which include the esteemed iPhone series. This tax is levied based on the device’s value and is an integral part of the final price of the iPhone for the end consumer.

    Impact of PTA Tax on iPhone:

    The iPhone PTA tax has far-reaching implications for various stakeholders:

    1. Increased Costs: PTA tax escalates the overall cost of iPhones in Pakistan, rendering them more expensive compared to other countries. This places a financial burden on consumers.
    2. Business Deterrence: Importers and sellers of iPhones in Pakistan face operational challenges due to the increased taxation, potentially impacting business viability.
    3. Consumer Purchasing Power: The tax diminishes the purchasing power of consumers, which could have ramifications for Pakistan’s economic growth.

    Criticisms and Controversies Surrounding PTA Tax on iPhone:

    The PTA tax on iPhones has faced criticism from different quarters:

    1. Excessive Taxation: Some consumers perceive the tax as excessively high, impeding their ability to own an iPhone.
    2. Fairness Concerns: Critics argue that the tax applies uniformly to all imported mobile devices, regardless of the brand, raising questions about its fairness.
    3. Affordability Debate: Calls have been made for a reduction in the tax to make iPhones more accessible to the average consumer.

    How to Pay PTA Tax on iPhone in Pakistan:

    To ensure compliance with PTA tax regulations, follow these steps:

    1. Payment Methods: PTA tax can be paid through various channels, including online banking, mobile banking, or by visiting designated banks.
    2. Payment Process: Complete the necessary forms, provide relevant details, and make the payment through your chosen method.
    3. Consequences of Non-Payment: Failure to pay PTA tax may lead to your device being blocked by the PTA or even legal action.


    How do I avoid PTA tax on my iPhone?
    To avoid PTA tax on your iPhone in Pakistan, purchase a smartphone that has been officially imported and registered by PTA. Alternatively, bring your own phone (BYOP) and register it with PTA within 60 days of arrival. Failure to do so will result in penalties in addition to the PTA tax.

    How do I check my PTA tax?
    To check the PTA tax on your phone in Pakistan, visit the PTA website and enter your phone’s IMEI number. The website will display information on registration status and the applicable PTA tax.

    Is PTA tax removed?
    As of now, there is no official announcement regarding the removal of the PTA tax on smartphones in Pakistan in 2023. It is prudent to assume that the tax will persist unless stated otherwise by the government.

    How are PTA fees calculated?
    PTA fees are calculated based on the smartphone’s model and storage capacity. The government periodically updates PTA tax rates. To calculate PTA fees, multiply the tax rate by your smartphone’s storage capacity.

    Is PTA tax-free in Pakistan?
    No, PTA tax is mandatory for smartphone users who bring their own devices to Pakistan or purchase phones that haven’t been officially imported and registered by PTA. The revenue generated through PTA tax supports various government initiatives.

    What is the price of the iPhone PTA tax in Pakistan?
    The PTA tax on iPhones varies depending on the model and storage capacity.

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