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A Comprehensive Data Analysis Road Map: Resources and Learning Path

A Comprehensive Data Analysis Road Map: Resources and Learning Path

    Data Analysis Road Map

    Last Updated on: 30th June 2023, 08:55 pm

    Data analysis has become an essential skill in today’s data-driven world. Whether you are a beginner or looking to enhance your existing data analysis skills, having a well-defined road map can guide you through the learning process.

    We will provide you with a complete data analysis road map, along with a collection of valuable online resources to help you acquire the necessary knowledge and expertise.

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    1. Introduction to Statistics

    To make informed decisions based on data, a solid understanding of statistics is crucial. The following resources can help you grasp the fundamental concepts of statistics:

    • “Intro to Statistics: Making Decisions Based on Data” – Udacity: Link
    • “Statistics: The Science of Decisions” – Udacity: Link
    • “Statistical Learning” – Stanford University: Link
    • “Statistics and Probability” – Khan Academy: Link

    2. Excel

    Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for data manipulation and analysis. These resources will help you become proficient in Excel:

    • “Introduction to MS Excel” – Simplilearn: Link
    • “Microsoft Excel: Online Tutorial for Beginners” – Chandoo: Link
    • “Microsoft Excel Tutorial for Beginners” – Free Code Camp: Link

    3. SQL (Structured Query Language)

    SQL is a standard language for managing and analyzing relational databases. These resources will guide you through the basics of SQL:

    • “Introduction to SQL” – Simplilearn: Link
    • “Introduction to SQL” – SQL Bolt: Link
    • “Learn SQL” – CodeAcademy: Link
    • “SQL for Data Analysis” – Udacity: Link

    4. Tableau

    Tableau is a popular data visualization tool used to explore and present data effectively. Start with these beginner-friendly Tableau tutorials:

    • “Tableau Tutorials For Beginners” – Alex The Analyst: Link
    • “Learn Tableau Desktop for Accurate Business Analysis”: Link
    • “Kickstarting Tableau”: Link
    • “A Comprehensive Guide to Start Learning Tableau”: Link
    • “Data Visualization in Tableau” – Udacity: Link

    5. Python

    Python is a versatile programming language widely used in data analysis. These resources will help you get started with Python:

    • “Intro to Programming with Python” – Kaggle: Link
    • “Python Tutorials” – Free Code Camp: Link
    • “Learn Pandas” – Kaggle: Link
    • “12 Beginner Python Projects” – Free Code Camp: Link

    By following this comprehensive data analysis roadmap and utilizing the provided resources, you can acquire a solid foundation in statistics, Excel, SQL, Tableau, and Python.

    Remember to practice your skills by working on real-world data analysis projects and stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in the field.

    With dedication and continuous learning, you can become proficient in data analysis and unlock new opportunities in various industries.

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