Change Windows 10 Default Web Browser Setting

Windows 10 Default Web Browser Setting

Your PC or Mobile device uses a selected browser because of the default. In windows 10, it’s the Microsoft aspect. In windows 8.1 and seven, it is a net explorer. On a Mac, iPhone, or IPad, the default is safari. And on an Android tool, the default may be Google Chrome, the stock android browser, or something else.
However, you ought not to stay with that default. By means of changing it, any link, HTML record, or different net-primarily based document you click will open for your browser of preference. Permit’s look at a way to do that for every type of running gadget and platform.

Home Windows 10

In windows 10, Microsoft has replaced internet explorer with facet, which these days got a chromium-primarily based overhaul. Certainly, Microsoft recommends which you stick with its browser, however, you can exchange it. Open the Windows 10 Settings menu and navigate to apps > default apps. Scroll down and click web browser, in which you may select from edge, Firefox, Chrome, IEOpera, or discover some other one inside the Microsoft Store.
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