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Batch File

    A batch File may consult with any of the following:

    1. A batch document or batch job is a set, or list, of instructions which are processed in sequence regularly without requiring individuals command or intervention. In Computer system which is running Microsoft Operating System with  windows OS, a batch record is stored with a .Bat file extension. Other operating systems may describe a batch activity in a shell script, containing a list of commands to be carried out one after the alternative.

    Batch files are often used to assist load packages, run multiple Activities at a time, and perform simple or repetitive tasks.

    In case, a batch job could be used to backup files, process log documents, run a sequence of calculations or diagnostics, or any other task that require a couple of instructions to run. A batch process can accomplish more than one tasks without any interaction from the person, releasing up the user’s time for other work.

    2. The batch command is a restoration console command that executes a sequence of instructions. See the batch command web page for more info.

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