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What does hypertext markup language (HTML) mean?

    Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

    Hypertext markup language (HTML) is the most important markup language used to show internet pages at the net. In other words, web pages are composed of HTML, that’s used to display textual content, photos or different resources through a web browser.
    All HTML is obvious textual content, that means it is not compiled and may be read through human. The document extension for an HTML file is .html or .HTML.

    Explanation :

    New web developers may also mistake HTML for a programming language while it is surely a markup language. HTML is used with different technologies due to the fact all HTML actually does is arrange files. At the patron facet, JavaScript (JS) is used to offer interactivity. On the server aspect, a web improvement platform like Ruby, PHP or Asp.net is used.

    When a web developer builds an utility, the data is executed on the server, and raw HTML is sent out to the consumer. The line among server-side development and patron side development is blurry with technologies like Ajax.

    HTML became by no means designed for the internet that exists these days, as it’s miles only a markup language with excessive obstacles, in phrases of control and layout. Several technologies have been used to working around this problem – the maximum sizable being cascading fashion sheet (CSS).

    The long time answer is (or with any luck may be) HTML5, that’s the subsequent generation of HTML and lets in for greater manipulate and interactivity. As with every improvement at the web, the pass to requirements is a slow and hard system, and internet builders and designers should make due with contemporary and supported technologies, which means that primary HTML will remain used for a while.

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