How to Stop Emails going to Spam Folder in Gmail?


Last Updated on: 12th January 2022, 05:38 pm

Why my emails are going to spam folder in Gmail? And how to stop emails from going to junk folder? We got the solution for your emails notifications, If you have a contact form for your Website and your emails go to spam instead of inbox.

Whenever someone submits your contact form and the incoming emails go to your spam folder in Gmail. We have a simple and easy solution for this to get Emails directly to your inbox instead of the junk folder

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Lets Stop Emails Comming to Junk mail folder

Follow the steps to get your emails in the Inbox folder instead of spam.

Gmail Spam Filter Settings

  • Open
  • Click on setting gear icon and see all settings.
Stop Emails going to Spam Folder in Gmail spam filter settings
  • Navigate to Filters and Blocked Addresses.
  • Now click on Create a new Filter.
Click on create new filter - emails go to spam instead of inbox
  • In the FROM Tab, Type the email address of the sender that you want to prevent emails from the spam folder.
  • Click on create filter.
Create new filter- Stop Emails going to Spam Folder in Gmail
  • Now check Never send it to Spam and Also apply filter to 0 matching conversations.
  • Finally Click on Create Filter again.
  • All done.
Select never sent to spam and create filter - emails go to spam instead of inbox

Now send an email to your email address. It will work fine and you will get emails directly in the Inbox.

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