How to enable multitasking on windows 10

Last Updated on: 25th January 2021, 06:39 pm

Multitasking enables you to work faster with different projects. It will faster your workflow. Instead of opening, again and again, the different tabs in Windows 10. You have a better option to enable multitasking on windows 10.  Here is explained how you can turn on or off multitasking in Windows 10.

Enable Multitasking in Windows settings

If you’re running Windows 8 or 10, first make sure the Snap Windows feature is enabled in the Settings. Here is how you can enable multitasking on windows 10

Follow This :

  • Access the Settings by opening the Start menu and click the gear icon on the left. 
  • Alternatively, hold down the Windows Key and press I.
  • In the Settings menu, click System.
  • On the left, click Multitasking.
  • At the right, make sure Snap Windows is set to On.
  • All done.


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