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How to automatically shut down Computer at a specific time?

    Last Updated on: 11th November 2023, 05:50 am

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    Shut Down Your Computer Automatically



    Task Scheduler :

    Task Scheduler is a built-in feature in windows through which you can schedule your tasks a specific time. When we are working on something or downloading something but we have to go out and go to sleep or something else, We have a solution, open up your Task Scheduler, and shut down your laptop/computer automatically.
    I have seen many Computer users install external software to shut down the computer/laptop at a specific time but they do not know about the Task Scheduler which is very helpful to shut down your computer at a specific time.
    To shut down the Laptop or a Computer follow the steps below.

    Follow the Steps :

    • Click on Start 
    • Search Task Scheduler and Open it.
    • At the right side click on Create a basic Task .

    • give the name to Task and next

    • Select one Time  and next

    • Select Date/Time to shut down   and next
    • choose to Start a Program  and next

    • Click on Browse and open  C:WindowsSystem32shutdown.exe 
    • Add Arguments  /s /t 100 ,, this is optional.
    • Click on Next and Finish.

    • Done
     Now You can see your settings clicking on Task Scheduler Library.
     You can also delete your schedules, the options also are given bottom right.

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