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How to Clear Cache on Computer Windows 10

    clear cache on computer windows 10

    The Computer Cache files are the junk files and folders. Cleaning the Computer cache is very necessary to run your Windows faster. The Computer slows down if you do not clear all unnecessary files of the Computer in Windows.

    There are few steps to delete all cache on your computer completely. It will maximize your Computer performance.

    Here we go step by step to clean each and every junk file on your Computer.

    Clear Computer Temp Cache Windows 10

    The first and essential step is to remove the temporary cache. Press Windows key + R to open the run. Type temp and click Ok.

    Select all folders hit delete button to delete all files & folders.

    clear temporary cache on computer

    Cleaning temp files Windows 10 Settings

    Temp files also exist in Windows 10 settings. Go to Windows settings by clicking on the start button.

    At the left sidebar, open the storage section. There you will see the “Configure the Storage Sense Or Run it“, Simply click on it.

    Windows settings to clear cache

    Inside the “Configure the Storage Sense Or Run it” scroll down to the end. There will be an option “Free up Space Now“. Just click on the Clean now button.

    clear cache on windows 10

    Deleting Prefetch in Windows 10

    These files are created with the starting any application on your computer windows. It is also cleaned to make your computer secure and fully optimized.

    Open Run Command using Windows Key + R and simply type prefetch to open the folder. Delete all cached files and folder. That’s it what you have to do.

    Clear all cache on windows, Prefetch cache

    Delete Location Cache

    Windows also save the location cache files on your Computer. And there is also a cleaning option to delete the files from your computer.

    Go to Your Windows Settings by clicking on Start. Now find the Privacy and click on it. Click on Location from sidebar.

    Scroll Down to Location history. You will see the option of Clear location history on this device. Click on Clear to clean location cache.

    Clear cache computer location

    Reset Windows Store Cache

    Open Run Command and type ‘wsreset.exe‘. Now hit OK.

    The wsreset.exe will open Run Command. You do not have to anything, just wait while the cursor is ticking.

    clear computer cache, reset windows store

    It will automatically reset the Windows store When the process will be completed the Store will open.

    This command will reset Windows Store.

    Delete System Cached files – Disk Cleanup

    Disk Cleanup will delete all of your old updates files on your Windows. It will remove files according to your selection of which files you want to remove.

    It will clean all cache files that are unnecessarily on your Computer. This will clear your Internet temp files, Windows old updates and Recycle bin files, etc.

    You can open it by typing “Disk Cleanup” in the search bar on Windows 10. OR You simply type “cleanmgr.exe” in Run Command.

    disk clean up , clear cache on windows 10

    Select Your Windows drive “/C”.

    The Disk Cleanup will calculate the files and will open.

    Select all unnecessary cached files to delete them. After that click on the “Clean up system files“. And then click Yes if prompted.


    Be patient to open it again. Then Check all Items to delete from your computer. Click on OK.

    Disk clean up. clear all cache on windows

    It will prompt then click on Delete files.

    Now you have to wait for while it clean all the files.

    This is a very useful method to delete your system old updates. The Disk Cleanup will clean your storage size up to a very good level.

    Clear DNS Cache

    DNS cache is the records of all visits and browsing that you recently done.

    Open your Command Prompt or CMD.

    After that type this command on CMD. —> ipconfig/flushDNS

    This will clear your DNS cache And done.

    Clear DNS Cache on Computer Windows 10

    Clear Browser Cache

    We know that a Computer User uses multiple browsers. Here we clean all browser cache, (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera Browser, Firefox).

    Clean Microsoft Edge

    On your Windows open Microsoft Edge. Now click on three dots at the top right and go to settings.

    From settings click on “Privacy, search, and services“. Now click on Choose what to clear button.

    clear microsoft edege cache

    A small tab will open. From there choose the files to delete. And simply hit the button “Clear now“.

    delete microsoft edge cache in windows

    Clean Google Chrome

    Open your Google Chrome browser. Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete and done.

    OR —-> Click on three dots on the top and go to settings. Scroll down to “Privacy and security“. Click on “Clear browsing data” and Clear data.

    clear google chrome cache

    Clean Firefox

    Click on your Firefox Browser and go to Settings. From Settings click on “Privacy & Security“. Now Scroll down to “Cookies and Site Data“.

    Clean cache of firefox browser

    To remove the browsing cache click on “Clear Data” and simply delete it.

    clear firefox browsing cache

    Hope this will help you.

    Keep deleting your computer cache, Make your PC clean and work faster. I recommend you to use Microsoft Edge for your personal browsing Because it uses less RAM and works fine.

    If you are Old user of Google Chrome then use it for your personal purpose only. Use other browsers (Opera, Firefox, Microsoft Edge) for the rest of the work.

    Delete Old Windows Updates.

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