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How to Back Up Your Shopify Store Securely? » How to Back Up Your Shopify Store Securely

How to Back Up Your Shopify Store Securely

    Last Updated on: 9th October 2023, 07:05 am

    how to backup shopify store

    There are many other Apps to Back up your Shopify store but the experts recommend The Rewind App to Back-up Shopify Store.

    Step 1: Download the Rewind Backups app from the Shopify App store, and install it.

    Step 2: Set up the backup preferences within the app – how frequently you want backups created.

    Step 3: Let the app run in the background. It will automatically create backups of your store as per your preferences.

    Step 4: When you need to restore data, open the Rewind app, select the backup point you wish to restore from, and the app will revert your store to that state.

    Each one of these backup methods has its own merits – manual backups offer complete control; custom-built solutions provide flexibility, and automated backups (like Rewind) offer ease and time-saving benefits. Choose the one that best suits your requirements, resources, and technical expertise.

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