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amazon Listing Title – Amazon Listing Optimization

    Last Updated on: 10th December 2022, 04:50 pm

    Best Amazon Listing title

    Have you analyzed your competitor’s Title? The Title is the most important part of the product listing, Keep your all main keywords in the title which is the first impression for search engines to meet the requirements of the customer’s intent.

    You are allowed to add 200 characters (not in all categories) for the listing title and the product title must have at least (3 to 5) keywords that exactly match your product.

    Where to add the main keywords in the title? So, the answer is: Your main keywords should be between 50 to 80 characters because Amazon preferred under 80 characters.

    Try to add more and more information about your product in the title and grab the attention of buyers.

    Amazon advised to add these portions in the title:

    >> About Product.
    >> Product type.
    >> Brand.
    >> Material.
    >> Color & Size.
    >> Packaging & Quantity.

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